The Jungle Man 
By Terry Klasek

The Vietnam War never ended.
I still fight the war when I sleep.
Too many men fell
In that jungle of Hell,
And their memories are buried too deep!

The Vietnam War never ended.
I have a friend who moves with a walker,
and another who walks with a cane.
My good friend is trapped
in the revolving PTSD door.

The Vietnam War never ended.
The memory of war has stayed alive.
My friend is in a chair,
but his legs - they aren't there,
and he fights every day to survive.

The Vietnam War never ended.
The plight of my best friend is sad.
He shoots every day with a needle
Pouring his pills with beer
Just to escape the Vietnam pain.

No, the Vietnam War never ended.
It will live with me 'til the day I die.
War won't let you forget,
see, I'm a Vietnam vet,
and at night IF I sleep
I still cry.

  Terry Klasek


"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

We might not always agree; but TOGETHER we will make a difference.


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