The Painting in the Coffee Shop
A poem for Linda (June 2000)
Linda and I
Shared a quick tea-time
And noticed the frame on the wall.
The picture within it
Showed a car flying heavenward
It didn't seem possible at all.
There, was an old
American classic
Typical of 30's-type makes.
But it's body was rusted
Doors fell off long ago
Boot likely seething with snakes.
I've seen many like that
Forgotten old relics
Deserted on many a farm;
No sign of the colour
The chrome or the vinyl
No sign of the legendary charm.
I thought of the Painter
The scene he depicted
And wondered what fired his mind;
Why paint that old classic
So obviously earth-bound
To soar high and leave earth behind?
Did it carry his thoughts
His dreams and his hopes
Off to a better Tomorrow?
Did the darkness behind
Show the dark night of Now
And the pain of some sad, past sorrow?
I voiced my thoughts then
And told of the Painter
That he truly deserved my applause;
To use such a decrepit
Forgotten old Lady
To fulfil such noble, grand cause!
Linda's expression
Was sad, disapproving
She'd studied the painting as well;
We agreed on the darkness,
But the amber horizon
She compared to the "Fire of Hell!"
"A punishment for
A fatal transgression"
All she saw was a guilty old ghost;
That deserved nothing better
Than to be on it's way
To the final end it deserved most!
Such different perspective
Yet the very same picture
Had seemed so endearing to me;
But the mind has a palette,
Of emotional colours
Which tints everything that we see.
Perhaps on a more
Joyous occasion,
Linda will see what I saw.
Perhaps on that day
The car will be coloured
With the splendour it boasted before!

 Rochelle Rober  2000


"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

We might not always agree; but TOGETHER we will make a difference.


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