I can remember your last smile.
It was like the sun and brought warmth with it.
But now you hide behind a dark veil.
Even the sun can't keep your face lit.

Is this a game you're playing?
Is this only an act? Why do you hide?
Do you feel pain but hide it inside?

I would love to see you smile again.
Is there anything I can do to save you?
If there is a way, just give a clue.
And know that I am always here for you.

Jewell 2003

"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

We might not always agree; but TOGETHER we will make a difference.


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