Tree  Dancer ~ A Poem for Sondra

Where is the girl who dances among the trees? 

The one who whirls and twirls so gracefully with the breeze.
A song, that is what we need, cried an Oak, a Maple, and an Elm.
Hear us she will, and our melody will tell of loneliness that does overwhelm.
But alas, winter with it's cold, wind and snow has taken our green leaf.
Our song cannot play in the wind, but in our hearts we still have our belief.
Far under ground with roots they did send,
A call to all trees who sing with the wind.
On a mountain to the north a Spruce did hear.
Along a southern beach a Palm spread the message far and near.
All of the trees with leaf, needle or sprig,
sang for their brothers and sisters with bare branch and twig.
High above the clouds there was a caring heart who listened.
He sent an angel with garment that glistened.
The holy messenger flew among Redwood, Myrtle and Pine,
Comforting the hearts of living things sublime.
"The girl who dances among the trees is resting for awhile,
But soon shall return with her gift of radiance and style."
Calmness settled over the forests as the angel passed by,
One task remained before returning high above the sky.
A special blessing was placed upon a girl who dwelt in a home.
"Health and strength shall return, among trees you shall roam."
 Jeff G. January 2004


"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

We might not always agree; but TOGETHER we will make a difference.


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