A Sailorís Dilemma (ASD)



Craig & Rochelle thoughts...



A book I read speaks of hope as an anchor.
But an anchor seems so small compared to itís ship.  Itís the sails that do impress me; they capture the windís breath.  For me the canvass is grander than the ordinary iron.
It is I who am in control! It is I who steers the wheel!  I control the rudder! I decide the course!  Why are currents stronger? Winds so awfully fierce?  My rudder I turn one way, but elsewhere goes my ship!  Other ships journey where captainís they do choose.  But nature strikes with conflict and disrespect for me.
There was a time when I followed where other ships did go.  They said it is not proper to continue in our wake.  Compass, map and sextant, will lead you to your goal.  Somehow my map is different; nothing stays the same.
What good is a compass, when north will not be true?  Now even my rudder has a will thatís all itís own.
All choices have been taken; Iím doomed to troubled fate!  To my knees I fall as tears do stain a rugged timber deck.  Gazing ahead on an isle I see, sandy shore and treacherous rock.  So this is how it ends? Journey of helplessness, destiny of despair?
Bravely I have fought the sea, why continue when all is futile?  Yet a choice still remains.
Shall I run aground on sandy shore, surviving in body alone?  Or with full sails hoisted end it all against treacherous rocks of doom.  This much choice life gives me, a dilemma Iím sure youíll see.
Below, a pool of tears does lay, a lake of sadness and bitter grief. A sea of salt my eyes have formed to capture inner thought.  A reflection lies within. An answer always present, yet hidden by my heart. An anchor of iron, steadfast and strong, in patience waiting near. This sailorís dilemma is not the end, but a turning point for me.  With lowered sails to slow me, Life is far from being lost. My hope is in that anchor that descends to ocean floor.
This captain had not considered the complexity of his ship. There were parts he thought were useless, while others seemed so grand! That anchor provided safety, while more and more he learned.
A folded cloth of color found lying on a shelf.
So small beside a canvass sail, so humble beckoning there. Now dances free with sea breeze atop the tallest mast. A flag of distress now pleading for other ships to help.
This storyís far from over, though words are ending soon. We all have ships that travel through seas we do not know. Some of us will journey where other ships have sailed. Others still need answers to questions yet unknown.
Some ships seek the answers for others flying flags. Let us help each other, and thereíll be calmer seas for all.
© Jeff G. February 2, 2004



Man, you are rocking, Mr. G.
Really, really rocking me!
I got the feeling you're not done
but getting there is half the fun!

There's some healing going on in you
as you craft the words you know are true
and play with them and share with us
We're fortunate to be on your bus!

What you give, of course, you also get
Right here and now or not just yet
The life you helped your friend retain
Heals also you--heart, soul and brain.

Keep on Rocking!

A Sailor too
With a Quack for you!

© Craig Chadwick - February 1, 2004   


Craig, you have a poet's pen
Fantastic comments made just then!
Heartwarming when your time you spend
Cheering on a dear, dear friend.

You're right you know, the talent's there
The beauty created out of despair
That Jeff has through his prose-like poem
And touched the hearts of all who know him.

Artistic journeys take us far
Helps us discover who we are
In better ways than plainly said
Unleashed the wisdom in the head.

So dear Jeff please take us along
On your journey, share your song
Heal us as you stay our friend
And may our journey never end.

From Rochelle to two great poets!

© Rochelle Rober - February 1, 2004    



"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

We might not always agree; but TOGETHER we will make a difference.


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