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TAAP (The Autism Autoimmunity Project) is disappointed in the NBC TV series on autism.

While NBC TV mentioned that there is an autism epidemic they failed to have independent physicians and researchers like Vijendra Singh, PhD, Andrew Wakefield, MD, Arthur Krigsman, MD, John Martin, MD, Marl Geier, MD and F. Edward Yazbak, MD on their show. Also, they excluded independent autism organizations like TAAP (The Autism Autoimmunity Project), Bhare Foundation and MIA (Medical Interventions for Autism). NBC TV did have Cure Autism Now (CAN) and the NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research).  NAAR funded the Danish study along with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) that said there was no link between the (MMR) measles-mumps-rubella and autism. There were many things wrong with this study but the most glaring flaw was that it was a computer-based number study that included NO clinical science. By that I mean, the Danish study did not do immune blood panel tests or colon biopsies.
Also CAN and NAAR have not funded any independent research and have a peer-review system that excludes funding for independent research. For almost a decade, CAN and NAAR have spent millions of dollars on autism research but yet we still have an autism epidemic.
Why is that?
It is because they refuse to fund independent research that includes autoimmunity and the vaccine issue that includes the MMR and thimerosal issue.
CAN and NAAR receive funding from the pharmaceutical companies. NAAR had a website that said they only received 2% of their funding from the pharmaceutical companies as if they were proud of themselves or that it was insignificant.
The following are two articles by F. Edward Yazbak, MD that mentions the flaws of the Danish study funded by the CDC and NAAR
The MMR-Autism Debate: How Relevant is the Latest Study from Denmark
MMR Studies that Count, Studies that Don't
Another article by Alan Rees and Ulf Branell find flaws in the Danish study
MMR-Danish Study-a critical analysis---Ulf Branell
TAAP has documented the autism epidemic from the late 1990's by using the US Department of Education figures. In October 2004, the nationwide total for autism was 140,920.

The following is conservative projections for the coming years if nothing is done regarding the vaccine link to autism.....
2004-2005      164,000
2005-2006      187,000
2006-2007      210,000
2007-2008      234,000
2008-2009      258,000
2009-2010      282,000
2010-2011      306,000
2011-2012      330,000
2012-2013      355,000
2013-2014      380,000
2014-2015      405,000
The following are two autism stories that should have been on NBC TV but weren't. The first one is from a parent named Liz who talks about her son, Matthew. The second one was from Theresa who talks about her daughter, Michelle. Eric is the name of my son.

From Liz..............
As everyone knows I don't pull punches.  My son, Matthew was just diagnosed as having an encephalopathy on his EEG following a 10 minute grand mal seizure.  Matthew has also been diagnosed with autistic enterocolitis, gastritis and esophagitis which was treated successfully by Dr. Arthur Krigsman using 6 MP and documented by Dr. B. Li the Chairman of Gastroenterology at Children's Memorial in Chicago which is part of Northwestern University.  In April of 2002  Matthew's cerebral spinal fluid was tested and Matthew was found to have in excess of 150,000 units of Measles RNA Virus, not antibody to MMR, of MEASLES VIRUS  per nanogram of CSF; this is more than an HIV patient with AIDS.  In short, Matthew is getting WORSE the older he gets.

I am sick and tired of listening to Marie McCormick on the news.  She KNOWS for a fact that the IOM never reviewed any of the case reports of regression into autism following MMR vaccination.  Her panel was bought and paid for by public health and pharma.  The only thing that I learned from tonight's broadcast is that she is looking a LOT like Martha Stewart these days.  For God's sake, she couldn't even look at the camera when she was speaking.

The New York Times is reporting the facts but failed to mention that Dr. Robert Chen, the architect of the VSD program was removed from his job last week.  He now has nothing to do with the immunization "safety" program.  In June of 2002 Dr. Chen and his colleagues were "caught" with their pants down so to speak.  Dr. Chen published a study using the VSD showing no relationship between MMR or measles virus and inflammatory bowel disease; it was a total LIE;  the power of the study was 12%; in order to make such a finding they needed a power of over 90%.  It is time that all of us no matter what belief for our individual child come together and say "enough is enough"; we need to make the "sound bite" that the status quo is not acceptable and we want good science funded in order to help the thousands of children who have been harmed.  We also must demand accountability even if it involves dismantling the entire immunization program.  The stakes have never been higher.  Over twenty years ago the IOM said that agent orange did not cause cancer.  They have changed their position now; now that the plaintiffs are dead.  We have to send the message that we will not go away and most certainly our children won't God willing. 

This is my opinion and I am willing, ready and able to take on these people because they have a lot to hide and no real science on their side.  I am also doing this not only for Matthew but for all of the children out there who have no voice; it is time that their story of anguish and pain be heard.


From Theresa..........

Liz and Ray,

You are so right and it is profoundly sad that these people keep lying while more and more children are being hurt.  It is CRIMINAL.  This form of regressive autism that they created is killing our children.  We are barely able to stay ahead of the damage done to their immune systems. Most doctors won't treat our children because of the controversy and lies created by people like Marie McCormick and because their illness is so complicated. Last year Michelle had a seizure while in the hospital.  We're in a small town with few pediatric specialists, so her pad referred her to San Diego Children's Hospital.  They have a huge pad neuro center with 12 pediatric neurologists-with top neurologists from San Diego State University.  11 of those doctors REFUSE to see children with autism.  Only 1 will.  When I called to make the appt.  I didn't know this.  I happened to mention at the very end of the conversation that Michelle had autism.  The rep got real quiet and said, "I'm sorry, you'll have to call another number, none of these doctors will see your child". One of her other doctors said he would treat her for only general illnesses (flu, cold, etc.), but nothing related to gastro.  This is criminal.  It's discrimination.  It's impossible.  In a typical child, this would be basis for a huge medical malpractice suit. 
We just found out the left hind foot bones in Michelle's foot are deformed.  Instead of being one on top of the other, they are growing side by side.  Michelle is on pain meds nearly around the clock.  She limps and walks with a side to side gait instead of forward like normal. This was caused by the Crohn's associated arthritis (confirmed independely by 2 orthopedic spec and a ped rheumatologist AND Dr. Krigsman and Dr. Wakefield), which was caused by the Crohn's disease caused by the vaccine strain measles RNA found in her bowel tissue from the MMR.  Michelle gets periodic ocular inflammation - also from the Crohn's disease.  This gives her headaches.  She still has a feeding tube in place. She was medically dismissed from all ABA, OT, speech therapies because she is too ill.  What's really sad, is this is Michelle now that she's better. She hasn't been hospitalized in 7 months.  You can imagine what it was like for her prior to now-she couldn't walk, couldn't eat, couldn't stay awake.  I've said this before and I'll keep saying it:  If it weren't for Dr. Krigsman and Dr. Wakefield, she wouldn't be here today.
The media is never going to show or even address children like Matthew, Eric or Michelle because they KNOW other parents will freak.  If they showed the self-abuse, meltdowns, pain, tubes, lab draws, hospitalizations, head banging, stools, people would know the truth.  Sadly, they can't keep hiding it because more and more children are being affected and before we know it, every one will have a loved one with autism. The won't have to show it on TV, it will be everywhere you look. Like Rick Rollens said years ago, "Autism, Coming To A Neighborhood Near You".


Raymond Gallup, Founder
TAAP (The Autism Autoimmunity Project)

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