Book of the Month

"An Asperger Marriage"

by Gisela Slater-Walker, Christopher Slater-Walker


This is the first book co-authored by a couple with a mixed marriage.  One "with" Asperger Syndrome and one who is "non spectrum."

For those of you who doubt that a spouse or partner with AS is incapable of having a satisfying relationship, let alone marry and raise children, this book will dispel those myths and is for you.  What makes this book different is normally authors on either side of the spectrum, when writing about past or current relationships, normally write from their perspective and experiences with the reader not benefiting from the other perspective.  This is not the case in this book.

There is an old divorce fable that goes something like, "there are always three sides to every story, his, hers and the truth."  In this book, the reader is shown two sides by the spouse's, one  "with" AS and the other a non sitting spouse on topics like communication, living together, social life and intimacy and the reader is left to discover the truth.  On other topics they trade off in their writing on relationships, how they met, sex, parenthood, employment and the future.

Both Gisela and Chris are trail blazers and this book is one of it's kind.  Research on AS is still in it's infancy and while "some" attorneys and courts are beginning to doubt the capacity of some adults with neurbiological disorders to maintain or contribute to a successful relationship, Gisela and Chris's book will show you that this simple is not true.  They make it work every day and are role models for our community.

This book has vision and opened the door for others to write on mixed marriages that are also successful.  They "can" and "do" work and Gisela and Chris are living proof.

"An Asperger Marriage," is an inspiration and gift to our community and organizations like ASPIRES that support and champion mixed marriages and relationships.


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Gisela Slater-Walker was the original co-founder of our community that was later coined ASPIRES.  Without Gisela, there never would of been ASPIRES. She has always been in the background and wanted very little applause and has always been the wind beneath my wings.  Linda Newland

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