AS Grows Up; Recognizing Adults in Today's Challenging World


The following is a draft and has not had its references completed, but that "we" felt the immediacy of the need to issue it both for information and as a challenge to the AS community to accept everything known about AS, including the good, bad and ugly.

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Asperger Syndrome Grows Up
Recognizing Adults in Today's Challenging World

Roger N. Meyer
Aleta Root
Linda Newland
Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved


Chapter I - Introduction
Official Criteria for Asperger Syndrome
Basic Characteristics
Impaired Social Relationship
Anger, frustration, and Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Aggression and "Behavior Problems"
Passivity, Non-Responsiveness and Anger
Navigating the Social Mine Field
Impaired Communications
-Impaired Theory of Mind Combined with Processing Delays
-Unusual Speech
Expressive Speech Issues
-Stilted Speech
-Saying too Little
-Proving One's Point to Get it Right 
Impaired Make-Believe Play
-Parallel Play
-Repetitive and/or Age-inappropriate Play Activities
Peculiar Patterns of Intellectual Activities
Repetitive Phenomena of Rituals
-Comforting Issues

Chapter II - Commonoly Associated Conditions

Chapter III - Traits by Age
Asperger Syndrome and Telling the Truth
The Good Side of Telling the Truth
"Good Withholding; Bad Withholding"
Self Abuse

Chapter IV - AS in the Family
A Challenge to US National Autism Organizations
Domestic Violence and Abuse
Dysfunction in AS Families in the Absence of Outright Violence
A Note about "Successful AS Families"
Both Parents on the Spectrum
Single Parenthood

Chapter V - Adult Diagnosis and the Aftermath
The Non-Curious and the Deniers
Connection between Self-Determination and Adult Employment

Entire Article: AS Grows Up - Recognizing Adults Today with AS 

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AS Grows Up; Recognizing Adults in Today's Challenging World
Commonly Associated Conditions
Traits by Age
AS " in" the Family
Adult Diagnosis and the Aftermath

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