Research has shown a genetic connection to Asperger Syndrome (AS) in some of our families. As Tony Attwood's new CD suggests, millions are undiagnosed.  This is  written in satire and is dedicated to our family members and friends on why they think they do "not" have AS. This is written out of love and not meant to be offensive.

 Why I Dont have AS

bullet I am a M.D.
bullet I am a Ph.D.
bullet I am a SLP, O.T; P.T. etc.
bullet I am a attorney.
bullet I am in law enforcement, family services; education and every walk of life.
bullet I have no routines.
bullet I am aware of social politics.
bullet I am very empathetic of others as long as they agree with me
bullet I can appear emotionally connected at times when following a .script or cue cards.
bullet I can change topics easily.
bullet I can described my interests and relationships in detail
bullet I can display any kind of facial expressions even though others think I don't.
bullet I can make good eye contact if only briefly so that means I don't have autism.
bullet I can show a great deal of enthusiasm of something that I am especially interested in.
bullet I can speak without hesitation on a topic of my special interest.
bullet I do not monologue about a special interest with no regard to the other person even though some people insist I do.
bullet I don't have a restricted range of interests or obsessive interests/behaviors.
bullet I don't have a lack of awareness of social conventions.
bullet I don't have anger management problems.
bullet I don't have sensory difficulties like those with autism.
bullet I don't hurt others with my words and behavior even though others insist I do.
bullet I feel I am street smart and there forth can not be AS.
bullet I get into trouble at work because I'm ambitious, efficient at my job and most managers see me as a threat, and because I work twice as fast as everyone else and find everyone slow and frustrating.
bullet I had a totally unremarkable child-hood.  I was "good as gold" and am my father's favorite child out of 5 because I'm so clued in.
bullet I have no difficulties in social.orgmunication on my part, although others keep telling me I do.
bullet I have no problems following the normal rules of conversation.
bullet I have perfect rhythm and no motor problems.
bullet I have spontaneous emotional expression.
bullet I have the ability to engage socially.
bullet I initiate and engage in other topics of conversation
bullet I never toe-walked
bullet I score in the normal range in AS testing off the internet and with some professionals.  How can "I" be AS?
bullet I was precocious, and engaged as a child.
bullet I wasn't hyperemic.
bullet I played the games typical of the period in which I was raised.
bullet I spoke and walked on time.
bullet People perceive me a an introvert which folks with AS are not according to the literature .
bullet You don't need to figuratively hit me over the head with a 2X4 to get my attention like some with AS
bullet I am a parent of an ASPIE, and therefore I know all I need to know about it.
bullet I don't have AS because it sounds like a dirty word.
bullet I don't have stems. I spin because it makes YOU crazy.
bullet I don't have AS. Everyone likes to hear about WWII and blocked toilets.
bullet I don't have AS. I'm just on an ALL crab diet.
bullet I'm not AS, I'm just repeating entire videos, including credits, because I like to share my knowledge and educate you.
bullet I can't be AS because I talk to other kids and dazzle them with my intelligence to remind them I am NOT stupid.
bullet And the number one reason, I am NOT AS, is I am NOT a control freak.  As long as everyone plays the game by my rules and I win, all is ok with me.

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"We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony.
Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony
It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial.
We all contribute to the song of life."
...Sondra Williams

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