Social Skills

bullet Asperger Syndrome: Social Dyslexia by Richard Howlin
bullet Autism and Empathy - Do People with Asperger's Syndrome Have Empathy? The answer is simple -- it depends on the meaning of "empathy".
bullet AUTISM - Mild form defined by social ills by Daniela Lamas
bullet Coaching for friendship, eye to eye by Kristen A. Graham - Social Anxiety Institute
bullet Empathy finding offers autism hope by BBC News
bullet Empathy part of life’s lessons.  Incident drives parent to teach students sensitivity toward disabled peers by By JENNIFER BOOTH REED
bullet Evolving empathy: Through a workshop, South Butler students gain a better understanding of a life with disabilities
bullet Finding Friends and Persuading People: Teaching the Skills of Social Interaction by David S. Brown 1987
bullet Grasping the Intentions of Others with One's Own Mirror Neuron System.  By Marco Iacoboni, Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, Vittorio Gallese, Giovanni Buccino, John C. Mazziotta, Gi.orgo Rizzolatti / Functional magnetic resonance imaging is used to explore the responses of premotor cortical areas to observing the actions of others.
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bullet High-Tech Tools Reveal Secrets of the Social Brain by Mark Moran
bullet How is Social Anxiety Different Than... Social Disorder
bullet Learning Social Skills—and Having Fun! by Pamela Ely Martins, M.S. CCC-SLP
bullet One-on-One Playdates by Marsha Parrish
bullet Playing with Self Esteem: The Importance of Social Skills by Stephen Rothenberg, Psy.D.
bullet Practicing Social Skills by Dan Coulter

Promoting social.orgmunication in high functioning individuals with autistic spectrum disorders by Paul R - Full Text | PDF

bullet Setting standard for friendship  by Doug Segrest
bullet Sheep put brave face on stress - LONDON, England -- Sheep have shown researchers why stressed-out people are.orgforted by the sight of a friendly face by
bullet Social Behavior in Autism

Social skills interventions for the autism spectrum: essential ingredients and a model curriculum by Krasny L, Williams BJ, Provencal S, Ozonoff S - Full Text | PDF


Social Skills Assessment and Training - My son Nicholas is ten years old and in the fourth grade with inclusion support. Here in California there is the Regional Center system where both my children are consumers, due to being on the Autism Spectrum. The Regional Center will fund respite, therapies and social groups for families. Nicholas had his assessment back in October 2004, which was funded through the Regional Center, as well as the weekly sessions. Funding can be done on a yearly basis or six months; it depends on the subject being funded. The feeding therapy for Matthew is on an annual basis, as is the respite funding. All this is written into the Individual Program Plan known as the IPP for each consumer through the Regional Center. By Bonnie Sayers

bullet Teaching Social Skills "Frontwards," by Dan Coulter
bullet Teaching Social Skills to Kids that Don't Have Them
bullet The Boy Who Couldn't Make Friends - By Lori Miller Kase
bullet Understanding Friends  by Catherine Faherty
bullet Why Nerds are unpopular by Paul Graham


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