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bullet Part I - Mystery Of Robert Durst - New York real estate heir Robert Durst says he killed his neighbor in self-defense. His not-guilty verdict was a shocker. But some think there may be victims in his past. Durst is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. 48 Hours  CBS News
bullet Part II: The Mystery Of Robert Durst / 48 Hours CBS News
bulletPart III Durst Acquitted - Durst juror Chris Lovell describes how the verdict was reached on Nov. 12, 2003
bullet Accused millionaire acted in fear, lawyer claims  - Nagging questions weighed heavily on Robert Durst as he looked down at the dead man on his kitchen floor.
bullet N.Y. millionaire Durst not guilty of murder / Jurors say dismemberment was irrelevant - "Jurors who on Tuesday acquitted eccentric New York millionaire Robert Durst in the killing of his 71-year-old neighbor, Morris Black, said they had to put aside the defendant's admission he dismembered Black's body and then fled because it was not part of the question they were told to decide, by the Law Center at
bullet ROBERT DURST - MILLIONAIRE MURDERER - "In the end, accused millionaire murderer Robert Durst was done in by a chicken salad sandwich on pumpernickel.  On October 9, 2001, with more than $500 in his pocket, he decided to steal a sandwich, a newspaper and a Band-Aid from a supermarket in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.  He was caught by security guards who called the police.  A routine background check on Durst revealed that the odd-looking 58-year-old shoplifter was wanted for a mutilation murder in Texas, was a prime suspect in another murder in Los Angeles, and was also wanted for questioning in the 1982 disappearance of his first wife in New York," by Crime Library
bullet The Mysteries of Robert Durst - Latest News by
bullet The Trial of Robert Durst - "Complete Daily News coverage of the trial of Robert Durst, a member of a multibillion-dollar New York real estate family who was charged in October 2002 in the death of his neighbor, Morris Black. He was found innocent by a Galveston County jury on November 11, 2003," by the Daily News.


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